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The core membership of Local Safeguarding Children Boards is set out in the Children Act 2004, and includes Local Authorities, health bodies, the polic...
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Also called HS1. HS1 Ltd is the organisation that owns the assets of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and develops and maintains the infrastructure. On 18th November 2010,...
FOI law does not apply to this authority.
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The full name of this council is Kingston upon Hull City Council. We have been alerted to the fact Hull City Council's email systems are set up in s...
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Also called NHS Hull.
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Also called HFEA.
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Also called hgc.
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Also called HTA.
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The Humber Bridge Board is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act however the Board acknowledged on page 17 of the 2007-08 Annual Report its res...
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Also called HEPS. Local resilience forum
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The Local Enterprise Partnership is probably not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act however we list it here due to its public role for...
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Before February 2010, this authority was known as Humber Mental Health Teaching NHS Trust.
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This Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committee is now defunct.[1]
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Also called Humberside PCC. Office of the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner The Commissioner is responsible for strategic direction and oversight. Please consider if your...
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Also called Humberside PCP. A Police and Crime Panel scrutinises the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Please consider if your request would be better directed to the pol...
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Police Authorities ceased to exist as of the 22nd of November 2012. Police and Crime Commissioners are now responsible for setting the strategic dir...
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Also called Hundred Foot Washes IDB.
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Also called Hundred of Wisbech IDB.
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Also called Hurworth Primary School.
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