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Most Port Authorities are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 but are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.
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Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust was established on 1 April 2013 to manage the vast majority of the services which were previously managed by th...
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Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service is a service of Gloucestershire County Council. FOI requests sent via our service are therefore sent to the Cou...
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This Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committee is now defunct.[1]
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The Information Governance Officer at the trust has written to to saying the trust endeavours to acknowledge all requests within two...
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Also known as GFirst LEP. The Local Enterprise Partnership is probably not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act however we list it here d...
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Also called Gloucestershire PCC. Office of the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner The Commissioner is responsible for strategic direction and oversight. Please consider if...
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Also called Gloucestershire PCP. A Police and Crime Panel scrutinises the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Please consider if your request would be better directed to the pol...
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Police Authorities ceased to exist as of the 22nd of November 2012. Police and Crime Commissioners are now responsible for setting the strategic dir...
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Also called NHS Gloucestershire.
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The core membership of Local Safeguarding Children Boards is set out in the Children Act 2004, and includes Local Authorities, health bodies, the polic...
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Also called Glyndwr University.
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On 1st April 2010, this body was replaced by the Betsi Cadwaladr Community Health Council.
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Golden Gates Housing (GGH) was wholly owned by Warrington Borough Council, and therefore formally subject to FOI, until the 28th November 2010, when it...
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Information held in relation to the provision of National Health Service primary medical care can be obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from...
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Also called Goodricke College. The colleges at York differ from those at certain other collegiate universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge) in that they have no academic or financi...
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Also called Goole and Airmyn IDB.
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Also called Goole Fields DDB.
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On 20th August 2010, Gorseinon College merged with Swansea College to form Gower College Swansea.
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