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This school closed on 3rd April 2014.
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State boarding school This public authority is state boarding school. A boarding school is a school where children live as well as study. A state bo...
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This free school / Further Education college is a separate entity for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act (i.e. not part of King's College L...
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The London Academy of Excellence (LAE) is a selective free school sixth form college located in the Stratford area of the London Borough of Newham, Eng...
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The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham (LAE Tottenham) is a sixth form free school which opened in September 2017 in the London borough of Haringey...
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Millbay Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3EG A school which provides education for pupils aged 3 to 16.
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A school and a single academy trust.
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A free-school in Pimlico, sponsored by Future Academies
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This establishment closed on 29 February 2020, its successor body is: Millbay Acedemy.
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The Hawthorne’s relaunched as King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes.
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