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The Church Commissioners are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Church Commissioners are a statutory body established by the...
10 requests.
"The Churches Conservation Trust is technically not a public body, being established under ecclesiastical legislation, but its sponsor, the Department...
8 requests.
Also called Churchfield and Plawfield IDB.
0 requests.
We have added this organisation as it has certain statutory powers. For example, "Measures (a form of 'primary' legislation) are passed by the Gener...
3 requests.
The Church of Scotland is not subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. It does however answer requests for information as a ma...
7 requests.
0 requests.
0 requests.
13 requests.
Also called NHS City and Hackney. The three primary care trusts serving the City and Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets are, from 1 April 2011, working together as NHS East London and th...
34 requests.
City Building (Glasgow) LLP is (indirectly) wholly owned by Glasgow City Council.
17 requests.
On 1 August 2012, City College Birmingham merged with South Birmingham College to form South & City College Birmingham
11 requests.
22 requests.
15 requests.
21 requests.
Also called City Lit.
11 requests.
City Markets (Glasgow) LLP is (indirectly) wholly owned by Glasgow City Council.
6 requests.
This body merged with Norton Radstock College to become Bath College
15 requests.
While it is not formally subject to the Freedom of Information Act we list this body because it receives substantial public funding. We note that on t...
1 request.
Also called Edinburgh City Council.
1478 requests.
6 requests.
Formerly known as “Glasgow Metropolitan College”.
48 requests.
Also called City of London. See also: Common Council of the City of London An older name for the City of London Corporation is: Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of...
470 requests.
358 requests.
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you can request information from the Common Council of the City of London about the work it carries out as a...
83 requests.
988 requests.
3 requests.
City Property (Glasgow) LLP provide for the management, development and disposal of Glasgow City Council’s Non Operational Surplus Land and Property As...
2 requests.
Formally known as The City University.
138 requests.
Also called CityWest Homes. CityWest Homes is an arms-length management organisation of the City of Westminster Council.
44 requests.
This Housing Association is not strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act but according to the Housing Corporation: "You can also write to hou...
9 requests.
Also called CAA.
222 requests.
9 requests.
Also called CNPA. A police authority is an independent body made up of people whose job it is to set the strategic direction for the local police force and hold the chie...
22 requests.
On 11th November 2010, the Civil Service Commissioners were replaced by the Civil Service Commission.
3 requests.

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