Information and Organisation Chart
Request sent to Kendal College by Steven Gerrard on .
Awaiting response.
Please can you provide the below information. • Agency Spend for 16/17 or to date this year • College Structure/Organigram • Do you have a PSL...
Q. Are you responsible for any buildings with more than 12kw of air conditioning present?  yes Q. Who is the responsible person for ensuring that yo...
Trainee teacher NQT data request.
Response by Kendal College to Luke Jacob on .
Awaiting classification.
Morning Luke In response to your request: 1         12 in 2015/16 acedemic year 2         not applicable as our training is post compulsory and d...
Recruitment Advertising
Request sent to Kendal College by Julia Owens on .
Long overdue.
Can you please provide me with your spend for permanent recruitment over the last 12 months split by advertising, agency fees (please confirm age...
Design Services Information request
Request sent to Kendal College by Arthur Burns on .
Long overdue.
I would like to ask a few questions about your prospectus design & artwork and your website design & management 1. Prospectus Design and Artwork...
Graphic and Web Design Spend and Schedule
Response by Kendal College to Arthur Burns on .
Waiting clarification.
We received a follow up email request from you on 22^nd April but we have no note of the original request.  Please can you resubmit it if you still n...
Agency spend
Response by Kendal College to Lara Jade on .
Awaiting classification.
    Carole Drury Director of External Relations & Client Services 01539 814719     The contents of this email, including any attachments,...
Staffing List
Response by Kendal College to A. Lee on .
Mr Lee   In response to your request please find below the names of the senior managers at Kendal College:   Graham Wilkinson                 ...
International establishments
Response by Kendal College to Steve Charlesworth on .
Request sent to Kendal College by Ryan Evans on .
Long overdue.
This request follows legal and mandatory legislation under the European Performance of Buildings Directive and specifically TM44 Air Conditioning As...
Agency spend 2013-14 by agency and department
Response by Kendal College to Debbie on .
I am not in College at present, please contact Jo-Anne Moore in my absence ([email address]) Thank you Sarah References Visible links 1. block...
Agency Spend
Response by Kendal College to Steph on .
Steph   Carole Drury has passed your request to me for response, the information from Personnel re the spend on agency staff between 01/08/2011 an...
SFA Funding
Request sent to Kendal College by Jim Dickinson on .
Long overdue.
You will be aware that paragraph 12 of the SFA Funding Rules 2012/13 is newly revised and states that “Where the Agency has made a full contribution...
Tier 4
Response by Kendal College to Mr Vahi on .
Dear Mr Vahi   In response to your freedom of information request regarding Tier 4 Sponsor, we at Kendal College do not have a tier 4 license.  ...
Agency Spend
Request sent to Kendal College by Ash Patel on .
Long overdue.
I am hoping that you can help me. I am wanting to find out the Agency spend in 2010/2011 at Kendal College along with which agencies were used and h...

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