An association of public authorities

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

Before 1st December 2012, Jisc's role was fulfilled by The JNT Association and the Joint Information Systems Committee.

Jisc's rather complex ownership structure means that it's not technically a public authority for Freedom of Information purposes.

7 requests
Applications for Degree Certificate validation
Response by Jisc to Mark Packham on .

Awaiting classification.

Thank you for contacting the Jisc Service Desk support team. This is an automated message to confirm receipt of your email. A member of our team will...
Hi Joshua,   Thank you for your recent FOI request about .ac.uk registered domain names and eligibility criteria. The legal position is that Jisc...
Printers/Printing devices & consumables
Request sent to Jisc by Chris Steele on .

Long overdue.

Dear Sirs Please can you assist me through the Freedom of Information in providing the following information please: 1. Please state the number of p...
FOI relating to JOBS.AC.UK domain name application
Response by Jisc to Joshua Tulip on .

Information not held.

Hi Joshua   There is no information to share – the domain was applied for in 1999 and the records no longer exist.     Many thanks   Dom...
Response by Jisc to Mr R Ell on .


Dear Ross   Thank you for your recent FOI request about our printing services.  The legal position is that Jisc is not a body that is required to...
Agreement with law enforcement agencies
Response by Jisc to Jim Killock on .

Partially successful.

Dear Mr J Killock Jisc is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, however in the spirit of the legislation we aim to respond to requests for in...
Networking Capacity
Response by Jisc to Mr Kirk on .


Dear Mr Kirk   The legal position is that Jisc is not a body that is required to respond to requests spirit of the FOIA if appropriate.  However i...

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