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This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This Housing Association is probably not strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act but according to the Housing Corporation: "You can also write to housing associations. Most try to be as open as possible and will provide you with information when they are able. The Housing Corporation requires housing associations to be accessible, accountable and transparent to residents and other stakeholders. The National Housing Federation Code of Governance states that associations should operate in an open and accountable manner by generally making information about their work available to their residents, local communities and other stakeholders." Also the Information Commissioner has ruled that Housing Associations are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.

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Temporary Labour Spend
Response by Incommunities Housing Association to Ellyn Johnson on .

Long overdue.

Good Afternoon, I have forwarded your e-mail on to our Data Protection Department. Thank you for your enquiry. Kind regards. Catherine Burrows Rece...
Use of automatic calling system
Response by Incommunities Housing Association to Mr Brown on .


Hi   I can confirm that Incommunities do not use any automated systems to contact customers.   Regards   Karen Luty Paralegal Legal De...
Deaths at ormond road
Request sent to Incommunities Housing Association by Mr Kendal on .

Long overdue.

I would like to know how many deaths have occoured in the last 5 years at accommodation f Ormond HouseSt. Helena Road, Bradford, West yorkshire. T...
Non traditional housing lists
Internal review request sent to Incommunities Housing Association by Paul Scott on .

Awaiting internal review.

I’m currently in the process of compiling local authority information of addresses where non-traditional methods have been used. Several mass bui...
Follow up sent to Incommunities Housing Association by Christopher Hudson on .


Although you are not bound by the freedom of information act, according to the Homes & Communities Agency you have a duty to be open and transparent...

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