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A public authority, also called ICR

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This authority is not currently subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 but is included on this site due to its public responsibilities. On 7 January 2011 the Government announced a consultation on extending the scope of the Freedom of Information to cover additional bodies. This authority is referred to in the announcement.

4 requests
Communications & Telephony Request
Response by Independent Complaints Reviewer to Daniel Leonard on .

Information not held.

Dear Mr Leonard   Thank you for your email.   I have numbered your questions in your email below and my responses to these questions are as follow...
Intranet Queries
Response by Independent Complaints Reviewer to DeborahManley on .


Dear Ms Manley Thank you for your email. Using your numbered questions, please first note that we do not have an intranet. 1. 4 2. N/A 3. N/A 4 There...
Statistics for the year 2009
Response by Independent Complaints Reviewer to Diana Smith on .

Long overdue.

Your message has not been delivered. Our email address has changed from to Please resend your email to the new address....
Software Licenses
Request to Independent Complaints Reviewer by Leo Wu. Annotated by Diana Smith on .


I find the response to this request worrying. Surely there is a possible or probable conflict of interest that potentially could arise from the ICR '...

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