Great Places Housing Group

A housing association, also called Great Places

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This Housing Association is probably not strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act but according to the Housing Corporation: "You can also write to housing associations. Most try to be as open as possible and will provide you with information when they are able. The Housing Corporation requires housing associations to be accessible, accountable and transparent to residents and other stakeholders. The National Housing Federation Code of Governance states that associations should operate in an open and accountable manner by generally making information about their work available to their residents, local communities and other stakeholders." If a Housing Association is strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act depends on if it is wholly owned by public bodies. Housing Associations are likely to be subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.

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Response by Great Places Housing Group to Alicja Zgoda on .

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Recruitment Agency Spend
Response by Great Places Housing Group to Terry Tibbs on .

Long overdue.

Dear Mr Tibbs, Please find enclosed a letter detailing our response to the below request. Should you have any questions relating to this, or if I can...
Contract Information
Response by Great Places Housing Group to Sam Jones on .

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Dear Sam, Re: Freedom of Information Request Thank you for your email dated 12 April 2021 requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act...
Use of automatic calling system
Request sent to Great Places Housing Group by Mr Brown on .

Long overdue.

I understand that some Housing Associations use automatic calling systems to contact tenants for various reasons including those who may be in arrears...
Please can I have a organisation structure of all IT, Procurement, Finance and HR services within your Trust, including team name, phone number and tea...
Arcus Consulting Report for 18/20 Moxley Road,Crumpsall
Internal review request sent to Great Places Housing Group by Dale Lunham-Harrison on .

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Dear Great Places Housing Group, You should have replied to my FOI request by the 23rd August 2013 and you haven't. By law you should have done th...

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