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If a Housing Association is strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act depends on if it is wholly owned by public bodies. According to a Housing Corporation statment on accessing information: "You can also write to housing associations. Most try to be as open as possible and will provide you with information when they are able. The Housing Corporation requires housing associations to be accessible, accountable and transparent to residents and other stakeholders. The National Housing Federation Code of Governance states that associations should operate in an open and accountable manner by generally making information about their work available to their residents, local communities and other stakeholders." *.

Also the Information Commissioner has ruled that Housing Associations are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations. *.

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Heat Network Regulations
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Matt Landick on .


Dear Mr Landick, In response to your request for information: 1. How many communal and district heat networks do you manage and where applicable,...
Dear Mr Jones,   Firstly, please accept our apologies for the delayed response, due to IT network issues on the Council’s system which meant that...
Housing immigrants
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Rachel on .

Information not held.

Dear Rachel, In respect of: Please can you supply me the numbers of immigrants being given housing in Gloucester and 1. What type of housing are...
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Louisa Jones on .

Awaiting classification.

Dear Louisa, Thank you for your request. In respect of: How many are currently on the housing list awaiting housing, can this be split into fami...
Dear Matthew,   Thank you for your recent request. Gloucester City Homes Limited is a Private Registered Landlord (housing association) and not...
Dear Mr Kilker,   Regarding your request to “provide documents relating to the original setting up of Gloucester City Homes in 2005, especially wi...
Street Reps
Follow up sent to Gloucester City Homes by Joe Kilker on .

Awaiting internal review.

I'm still waiting. Yours sincerely, Joe Kilker
TETRA 'committee' meetings
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Joe Kilker on .

Long overdue.

Dear Mr Kilker,   In response to your request:   “Does Gloucester City Homes hold any information about TETRA's constitution allowing its comm...
Dear Mr Kilker,   In relation to your request, and as indicated in our response to your similar previous request on this matter, we do not hold an...
Common Purpose training courses
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Joe Kilker on .


Dear Joe,   Before responding your query was put to a number of key personnel including our Head of Human Resources, Director of Services and Org...
Collection of rent
Response by Gloucester City Homes to Kay Powell on .


Dear Kay,   You have asked us:   “Since Gloucester City Homes took over the management of Gloucester's council housing stock, how much rent ha...
Dear Nicola, Please find below our response to your Freedom of Information request. Unfortunately I can find no record of your initial email. Your f...

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