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GeoPlace LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership jointly owned by the Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government (trading as Local Government Improvement and Development) and Ordnance Survey.

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Local custodian data
Follow up sent to Geoplace LLP by Matt Kane on .
Hello Stella, That's great. Thanks for your help. Regards, Matt
Finance System
Response by Geoplace LLP to Frank Desposito on .
Dear Mr Desposito, Thank you for your email. We are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and therefore do not have to respond...
Determination of Highway Dedication Codes
Response by Geoplace LLP to Peter McKay on .
Hi Peter Apologies for the delayed response here, I can confirm that the whilst the full Data Entry Conventions are not yet ready to be signed off and...
Public Rights of Way Data
Response by Geoplace LLP to Robert Whittaker on .
Dear Mr Whittaker, Thank you for taking the time to present your arguments in connection to the FOI case number 00604566. Sincere apologies for the ti...
Dear Mr McKay, We do not provide the local highway authorities guidance regarding the identification and registration of our unadopted roads on the St...
Dear McKay GeoPlace have not advised Defra that he proposal 25 is technically in error as we do not believe it is technically in error. In reference...
Determination of highway dedication codes
Response by Geoplace LLP to Peter McKay on .
Dear Mr McKay Thank you for your query regarding the guidance provided to local highway authorities regarding highway dedication codes. The determina...
How ought LSG be displayed online to public viewers
Follow up sent to Geoplace LLP by Peter McKay on .
Partially successful.
Being a Local Access Forum member, i.e., part of a group created as a result of a statutory requirement that is placed on the Council under sections...
Roads Adoptions
Response by Geoplace LLP to angela on .
Dear Angela, Thanks for your email. may have access to some of the latest NSG data, so providing they regularly update their data and ha...
LLPG Custodian Contact Details
Response by Geoplace LLP to Connor Faulkner on .
Dear Mr Faulkner, Thank you for your email of 16/01/2015 where you requested information about of all current LLPG Custodians and their deputies and t...

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