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Statistics on the results returned to patients...
Request sent to Genomics England Ltd by Julian Barker on .

Awaiting response.

Please can you release statistics on the number of results that have been returned to clinical teams and to patients and the time between a sample b...
Finance System
Response by Genomics England Ltd to Frank Desposito on .

Awaiting classification.

Dear Mr Desposito   I attach a response to your request of 10 May 2017.   Kind regards   Nick   _______________________________________...
Agreements between Genomics England Ltd / DH and Illumina
Follow up sent to Genomics England Ltd by Jen Persson on .

Partially successful.

thank you for your reply and detailed response. Yours sincerely, Jen Persson
Video Streaming
Response by Genomics England Ltd to Nik Fox on .


Dear Nik   I set out our response to your FOI below:   Original request:   Please provide me with details of:- 1: How you procure the ser...

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