Forestry Commission

A non-ministerial department

Users wishing to make a Freedom of Information Request to a Forest and Woodlands Advisory Committee may wish to send their request to the Forestry Commission. WhatDoTheyKnow would be happy to add a committee on request if the Forestry Commission recommends the requester ask a committee direct.

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Allocation of Mountain Bike Centre Contracts
Response by Forestry Commission to Barry Groves on .

Partially successful.

I am on leave on Monday 7th December. If you require a reply please contact Glennis Telfer or Doug Howieson. +++++ The Forestry Commission's compute...
Pollutants in the Urban Environment
Request to Forestry Commission by Simon Birkett. Annotated by Richard Taylor on .

Partially successful.

This appears to be publicly funded research carried out by a number of UK public bodies. Given that context it is surprising that a decision has bee...
Dear Mr Hollingshead REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: Water Bodies Thank you for your request for information that we received on 9 October about bodies of...
Dear Marcus Hollingshead Please find attached a reply to your information request about land designated as 'wildlife exclusive'. (I have attempted t...
Land ownership
Response by Forestry Commission to ben on .

Information not held.

Ben, Your request for information on the ownership of land at NGR SK 3649 2497 near Melbourne. Having checked a National Forest map it appears your NG...
Potential volume of timber thrown by Marmota monax
Response by Forestry Commission to Irving Washington on .

Information not held.

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