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Royal Charter(s)
Response by Farnham Town Council to MR Sergeant on .

Information not held.

o     Unfortunately we do not hold details of historic Charters awarded to Farnham.  These would have been inherited by Waverley Borough Council on...
Prosecution of dog owners
Response by Farnham Town Council to A Parker on .


None, since the final Dog Control Orders have yet to be made.   Iain Lynch Farnham Town Clerk   [1]cid:image006.png@01CDFF9F.8AEF1660 Counc...
Response by Farnham Town Council to Scott Davies on .


Q. It is a legal requirement that you hold valid TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments if any building has a total of more than 12kw of air conditioning...
Thank you for your swift and clear response :) Yours sincerely, A Parker
What services are provided by the council to Wrecclesham
Request to Farnham Town Council by A Parker. Annotated by Ganesh Sittampalam on .

Partially successful.

I have updated the status of this request to partially successful as the council has provided at least some answers to the original questions. Genera...
Non-metric units in fees and charges
Response by Farnham Town Council to David Johnson on .


Dear David Johnson Thank you for your further email. Farnham Town Council had not been using metric for all of its charges. However, I can confirm tha...
IT Support Services
Response by Farnham Town Council to John Wicker on .

Handled by post.

Dear Wicker, I acknowledge your request earlier today. Do you have an address for a response?   Regards   Russell Reeve   Russell Reeve...

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