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Finance system
Response by VisitEngland to Dean farmer on .
Long overdue.
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: [1]FOI requests at EnjoyEngland ([EnjoyEngland request email]) The email address that you entered...
Tourism statistics for North West England
Response by VisitEngland to Charlotte Fletcher on .
Long overdue.
I have now left VisitBritian and VisitEngland.   My successor is Suneet Josept and he can be contacted at [email address] or on 020 7578 1018...
Correspondence regarding the minimum wage
Response by VisitEngland to Louise Oldfield on .
Dear Ms Oldfield Yes that is correct. Kind regards Ros Carey
Correspondence regarding the living wage
Response by VisitEngland to Louise Oldfield on .
Information not held.
Dear Ms Oldfield Quality in Tourism has assured us that it has not issued a communication of any kind relating to the living wage. Regards Ros Carey...
Software Licenses
Response by VisitEngland to Leo Wu on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mr Wu I have noticed that the whatdotheyknow website is recording this request as not responded to. VisitEngland is a trading name of British To...
Software license
Response by VisitEngland to Phil Hames on .
Dear Mr Hames Thank you for your enquiries. I have inserted our responses into your original e mail below. All answers are for British Tourist Author...
Financiamento Para Visitar a Inglaterra
Follow up sent to VisitEngland by Julio Nascimento de Oliveira on .
Information not held.
Meu caro amigo, agradeco por sua resposta anterior, mas peco novamente, levar se possivel a alguma autoridade do Reino Unido, meu pedido de ajuda, pa...
Leeds spending of Growing Tourism Locally funds
Response by VisitEngland to quentin kean on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mr Kean, Thanks you for your enquiry. 1. The original funding allocation from the Regional Growth Fund to Leeds and Partners was as follows: 201...
Dear Mr Kean Please ignore this e mail below. I managed to press send whilst I was working on it. the complete - and clearer - answer is as follows....
St Ives BID baseline services
Response by VisitEngland to Calder Harris Ltd on .
Information not held.
Dear Sir or Madam VisitBritain and VisitEngland are both trading names of the British Tourist Authority. We do not have a baseline, or service level,...
England's geography
Response by VisitEngland to Gary on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Forbes I am afraid that we do not hold this information ourselves but I have just had a look at the Ordnance Survey website and think it might...

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