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Thank you for your request. We administer the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme on behalf of Department of Transport (DfT) who are the relevant...
Domestic Appliance Energy Rating data
Response by Energy Saving Trust to Robert Alexander on .

Information not held.

Thank you for your request. Energy Saving Trust is not a public authority. We are a delivery partner for Label2020 and you may find some relevant inf...
E-cargo bike grant scheme
Response by Energy Saving Trust to Mrs Poulton on .

Awaiting classification.

To Mrs Poulton,   Thank you. Please see below a summary table of the information you requested:   +-------------------------------------------...
Domestic EVCP points
Response by Energy Saving Trust to Jonny Tepp on .

Awaiting classification.

Please find attached a response to your correspondence. **********************************************************************  This e-mail (and any...
Dear Ms Smith,   Thank you for your request for information regarding the CLEAN VEHICLE RETROFIT CERTIFICATION (CVRC) SCHEME.   Whilst Energy...
Dear Mr Anderson, Thank you for your e-mail. Please be aware that while the Energy Saving Trust (EST) operates a number of transport programmes on beh...
Home Energy Efficiency Database
Request to Energy Saving Trust by J Harper. Annotated by Claire Eades on .


I too would like to know if individuals can have information as to which energy saving measures have been installed on their own properties, who carrie...
Mis-use of Energy Saving Trust Logo
Response by Energy Saving Trust to W. Williams on .


Dear Miss Williams,   We are sorry to hear of your experience regarding the misuse of the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo.  We are very keen...

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