Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board

A local safeguarding children board

The core membership of Local Safeguarding Children Boards is set out in the Children Act 2004, and includes Local Authorities, health bodies, the police and others. Whilst LSCBs are not generally subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 they are included on this site due to their public functions.

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Complaints about Doncaster children's services
Internal review request sent to Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board by louis Dell on .

Awaiting internal review.

I made a request on 9th March 2018 & as yet I have not received a reply. Yours faithfully, louis Dell
Child abuse/paedophilia statistics
Response by Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board to Richie Vallance on .

Information not held.

Dear Mr Valence Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. The LSCBs are not public authorities for the purpose...
Fosternig and Adoption

Partially successful.

Dear Ms Burton,   Please find attached our response on behalf of Doncaster Children’s Services Trust to your Freedom of Information Request on 5^t...
Referal of registered health professionals
Request to Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board by Dale Ricketts. Annotated by Doug Paulley on .

Withdrawn by the requester.

When this request was first sent, there was a delivery error and so the request was never received by the authority. It is now some time since this req...
Children/Parents/Social Services
Response by Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board to Dean Long on .

Information not held.

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. [email address] Date: Mon, 20 Sep 201...

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