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This Housing Association is not strictly subject to the Freedom of Information Act but according to the Housing Corporation: "You can also write to housing associations. Most try to be as open as possible and will provide you with information when they are able. The Housing Corporation requires housing associations to be accessible, accountable and transparent to residents and other stakeholders. The National Housing Federation Code of Governance states that associations should operate in an open and accountable manner by generally making information about their work available to their residents, local communities and other stakeholders." Also the Information Commissioner has ruled that Housing Associations are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations.

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OT Assessment Waiting List Numbers - HA
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Awaiting classification.

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Mis-fuelling of motor vehicles
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Long overdue.

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I will be out of the office until 18/11/10. If you query is urgent please contact operational support on 920 7300.
Clothing & promotions
Follow up sent to Crosby Housing Association Limited by P Wilson on .

Long overdue.

The response to my FOI request has not been received. Your organisation should have responded by 14 September 2010. Yours sincerely, P Wilson
What is your freepost address ?
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Awaiting internal review.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Crosby Housing Associ...

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