Conservators of the River Cam

A navigation authority

The Conservators of the River Cam are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act but we list them here as we think they ought due to their responsibility for public infrastructure. The Conservators of the River Cam are subject to the Environmental Information Regulations so do have to respond, by law, to requests for information relating to the environment.

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It’s currently not registered, but I expect it will be shortly one way or another.  The owners register every year. The definition of a bicycle power...
I'm not sure why this information request was refused. The legislation requested by Mr Brown is not readily accessible; the link provided by Mr Ramsay...
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Response by Conservators of the River Cam to Michael Fitzgibbons on .


Dear Mr Fitzgibbons, Ironically, the Conservators have are a bit of an oddity in terms of their legal status and they are not obliged to meet the requi...

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