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FOI Response not received – reference request of 25/10/2019 Please respond to our FOI or advise why we have not yet had a response. Legally, Public...
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Request sent to City Academy Norwich by Steve Hagger on .

Long overdue.

1. How many fire extinguishers do you have? 2. Who services your fire extinguishers? 3. When is your contract for servicing due...
Media subscriptions
Request sent to City Academy Norwich by Gavin Loader on .

Long overdue.

Which newspapers, magazines, journals & online subscriptions did the organisation procure or receive free during the year 16/17? Yours faithfully,...
Cashless catering
Request to City Academy Norwich by ms j allen. Annotated by ms j allen on .


Yes. June 2012. More than £5,000. Biometric fingerprint scanner. Swipe card.

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