Cantonian High School, Cardiff

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1. Any application you made in 2019 or 2020 to be a “Stonewall Diversity Champion” or to be included on Stonewall/Stonewall Cymru’s “Workplace Equality...
This request relates to Environmental Legislation, specifically TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reporting, which is mandatory for buildings which are...
Use of Unqualified Teachers
Request sent to Cantonian High School, Cardiff by Hayley Lees on .

Long overdue.

Please could you provide me with the following information: For the week beginning 15 Jan 2018. The total number of lessons taught in the school fo...
Use of unqualified staff
Internal review request sent to Cantonian High School, Cardiff by Richard Knights on .

Awaiting internal review.

Please could you respond to this request. I have asked for an internal review to give you more time. Please note, it is a legal requirement to respond...

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