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For the record - there is no need either by law, or by ICO guidance, for requesters to give a "private" email address to send information to. Likewis... December 2006 - Evidence shows children in care are being let do...
Negotiations for extra class at Sefton Park School
Response by Bristol City Council to Joel Stokes on .

Handled by post.

Dear Joel It appears you have been in contact with Piers Brunning and confirmed your address, I presume he will send the information to you. Many th...
I was sent a reply in writing on the last day it was due I was suspicious because it was sent by my children current social workers manager! coinc...
taxis and registered assistance dogs - Disability Discrimination
Internal review request sent to Bristol City Council by peter heaton on .

Awaiting internal review.

Your council should have replied to my FOI request by now and so are breaking the law. Yours sincerely, peter heaton
1. Does your Local Authority presently employ Education Counsellors* (rather than ‘buying in’ such a service from an external provider)? 2. If the...
Sefton Park School Expansion
Response by Bristol City Council to P Hallam on .

Handled by post.

Dear Mr Hallam The information you requested has now been compiled. It is in hard copy and I do not have scanning facilities in my office. Please send...
Gloucestershire Cricket Club Parking
Request to Bristol City Council by Katherine Lethbridge-Tatlow. Annotated by Daniel Smith on .

Awaiting internal review.

Katherine - I've been following this and would very much like a copy of this information, any chance you can publish somewhere or email? danielhughsmit...
This is a reminder of the need for an internal review. Many thanks Yours sincerely, John-Paul Coetzee
Sefton Park planning documents 2006
Follow up sent to Bristol City Council by Katherine Lethbridge-Tatlow on .

Awaiting internal review.

I am still waiting for the information requested on 18th November 2008 under the Freedom Of Information Act (Sefton Park Planning Documents 2006)....
Response to Freedom of Information Requests
Response by Bristol City Council to steve meek on .

Long overdue.

Dear Mr Meek, Unfortunately we have not received a request from you of that title. If you are able to forward us a copy of the request we will be happy...
Cricket Club Car Parking
Response by Bristol City Council to Joel Stokes on .

Awaiting internal review.

Dear Mr Stokes, I can acknowledge receipt of your request for an internal review. I also note that the original request is overdue. As a result, Legal...

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