Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board

A local safeguarding children board a a defunct authority

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (manylion).

Nid yw'r awdurdod hwn yn bodoli bellach, felly ni allwch wneud cais iddo.

Cais 14
Hello Blessing This request should be addressed to Information Governance whom I have copied into this response. Kind Regards Birmingham Safeguardi...
Hi Sam I've been advised that your email has been forwarded to the Prevent Coordinator. Unfortunately, at this time I don't have the relevant contact...
Board agenda papers
Ymateb gan Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board i J Wilson ar .

Yn aros am gael ei ddosbarthu.

Dear J Wilson, I am writing in respect of the below Freedom of Information Act 2000 request; FIO - Please could you provide a copy of your Board age...

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