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British Film Institute

A public authority, also called BFI

The BFI is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. We have added it to on the grounds it is substantially publicly funded and has a role in the distribution of public funds. The BFI is included in the Whole of Government Accounts and was established by a Royal Charter.
The BFI receives its grant-in-aid from the Department for Culture Media and Sport via the UK Film Council. FOI requests to the UK Film Council can be made via this link. BFI is a registered charity regulated by the Charity Commission.

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Funding awards for the last five financial years as open data
Request to British Film Institute by william perrin. Annotated by Owen Boswarva on 26 March 2014.
Awaiting classification.
Of course it should be possible to obtain the data from DCMS instead. Since the BFI grants data is hosted on the site, it is he...
BFI discussion with mayor's office re: London Living Wage
Awaiting response. by British Film Institute to R Novakovic on 25 March 2014.
Long overdue.
Dear R Novakovic, Apologies for the slight delay in responding. I have been advised that the notes of all Partnership Meetings are shared as draft w...
Dear R Novakovic, Again, apologies for the slight delay in responding to you. I reiterate that the information you have requested is not in relation...
British Film Institute bonuses
Partially successful. by British Film Institute to R Novakovic on 6 February 2014.
Partially successful.
Dear R Novakovic I refer to your enquiry of 5 January 2014. First of all I apologise for the delay in responding. I can confirm the information yo...
Film Audience Network Funding
Follow up sent to British Film Institute by AndrewGRoe on 6 December 2013.
Many thanks for this information and I hope it wasn't too much trouble. Yours sincerely, AndrewGRoe
Empty buildings
Follow up sent to British Film Institute by L.C. Looi on 30 January 2013.
Many thanks for letting me know. Yours sincerely, L.C. Looi
Planned and Reactive Building Maintenance
Successful. by British Film Institute to Alan Noakes on 12 July 2012.
Dear Mr Noakes, I refer to your Freedom of Information request of the 25 June. You may not be aware that currently the British Film Institute (the B...
Freeview HD DRM and archiving
Successful. by British Film Institute to Ray Corrigan on 24 September 2011.
I am out of the office now until Wednesday on annual leave. If you need to contact me please speak to Neil Jarvis, Richard Brousson Legal Counsel...

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