John Ware Limited

A pharmacy, also called Alcombe Pharmacy

From Merriott Pharmacy, you can request only information relating to its NHS pharmacy business. The legal name of the company is John Ware Limited.[1][2]

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TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment
Response by John Ware Limited to Scott Davies on .
Long overdue.
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. [email address] Date: Thu, 21 Jul 201...
Response by John Ware Limited to Jonathan Mantle on .
Dear Jonathan, As a company, we do offer this service in line with NHS guidelines. Regards Katie Hagerty -----Original Message----- From: Jonathan M...
Operator of Merriott Pharmacy
Request to John Ware Limited by P Jones. Annotated by edmund raphael on .
In my opinion and to my knowledge Max Pune was the owner and I think still is. He was always hugely kind friendly and helpful.

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