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Asbestos in water pipe distribution network - inquiry
Internal review request sent to Albion Water Limited by Ms Katharine Quarmby on .

Awaiting internal review.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Albion Water Limited's h...
Could you please provide the locations, average abstraction rate, maximum abstraction rate, minimum required flow (or hands off flow, or similar), and...
FOI - Expenditure on equality, diversity, and inclusivity.
Response by Albion Water Limited to Arthur Lightfoot on .

Awaiting classification.

Mr Lightfoot, Thank you for your enquiry. It has been reviewed by our Data Protection Officer and as Albion Water is private a limited company we are...
Water Fluoride Sample Data
Response by Albion Water Limited to Deborah on .

Partially successful.

Dear Ms Moore   Thank you for your request for further review of the decision not to release GIS ShapeForm maps as the response from Albion Water...
ERP/Finance Systems
Response by Albion Water Limited to Sally Hodges on .


Sally, Thank you for your enquiry, we have reviewed it but unfortunately it does not fall under the Environmental Information Regulations. ERP and Fi...
Pump Inlet figures
Response by Albion Water Limited to Seana McCreesh on .


Seana, I have passed this on to the relevant department and they have advised that we have not formed a view on whether the information requested fall...
Fluoridation of water by Albion Water Limited
Response by Albion Water Limited to Charlotte Simmons on .

Partially successful.

Charlotte, Thank you for your enquiry. Albion Water is a regulated water undertaker (an ‘inset appointee’) but is not a regional water services monop...
Mis-fuelling of motor vehicles
Response by Albion Water Limited to Nick Panchaud on .

Information not held.

Nick I am able to provide the following answers (EIR coverage not verified): 1. None 2. None 3. n/a Regards David David Knaggs Director T   +44 (0)...
Nicola Your request has been flagged as 'suspect' by our mail server. Notwithstanding this I am able to confirm that our (small private) company has n...
Overloaded sewers
Response by Albion Water Limited to Christian Lister on .


Christian Thank you for your enquiry. Albion does not currently own any sewerage infrastructure that is classified as overloaded. Regards...
Bacteriophages in tap water
Clarification sent to Albion Water Limited by Michael Jozefiak on .


Dear Marshall, Geoff, My apologies Geoff, the requesty is to South West Water. (Fat Finger Syndrome!) Yours sincerely, Mike Jozefiak

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