Abenbury Community Council, Wrexham

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The answer to your request is zero since 2010.  But please  to put this in context- this is a small organisation, with only one employee at any one t...
Hello  Abenbury Community Council is   a small Community Council- Precept £12,500.  The printer used is a printer supplied by Canda Copying. This i...
This is not a function of Abenbury Community Council. Sorry. 
Quails on allotments
Response by Abenbury Community Council, Wrexham to Richard MacKenzie on .

Information not held.

Abenbury Community Council does not have allotments.
Telecommunications Request
Request sent to Abenbury Community Council, Wrexham by James Kendrick on .

Long overdue.

Good Afternoon, My name is James Kendrick, I am contacting you from Tele-Response Limited, we deal with Telephone System Maintenance and Support as...

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